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One of our bodies is missing…

TS writes: Thanks to a lively audience and the support of RIAH, the Research Institute for Arts and Humanities at Swansea University, our presentation ‘Come into the Enclosed Garden’ for the Being Human Festival was a huge success, but not without its hitches. Twenty minutes before we were due to speak, one of our rolled-up posters, featuring the medieval diagram of a pregnant woman (see our post of 28 October 2015) went missing. Whoever picked that up is going to get a surprise when they unroll her! Pressing on, however, we gave three short presentations on history, spirituality and medicine in the garden (Theresa’s amazing collection of aromatic plants, oils and other substances bringing the sensory experience to life)







and then offered the opportunity to ‘pin the medicinal plant on the person’, to much amusement.¬†Poor ‘Eric’ was soon cured of his many health problems…



KCL Radio

TS writes: Last Friday Theresa and I had the interesting experience of being interviewed about the project (less than 2 months after its start!) by the delightful Francesca Allfrey of Kings College London Radio. Hear what we had to say when In Conversation airs on Wednesday 11 November 2015 between 9 and 10am. Visit the KCL site to access archived programmes.