A new gardener….

LHM writes:

The Hortus Conclusus team is delighted to welcome a new PhD student into the garden, thanks to the generous fees-only scholarship offered to the project by  the College of Arts and Humanities at Swansea University. Maria Zygogianni will join Liz, Trish and Theresa at the beginning of April to work on a doctoral project with the preliminary title, ‘Floral Utopias and Otherworlds: Representations of the Enclosed Garden in Chaucer and his Contemporaries’.  Maria has recently been awarded an MA in English Literature at Swansea, during which she undertook three modules on medieval literature (that clearly got her hooked!). Maria will be supervised by Roberta Magnani (Department of English Language and Literature) and Liz, with further assistance and guidance offered by Trish and Theresa. Her main focus will be on secular material, such as The Romance of the Rose and its intertexts, examining issues of gender, transgression and the supernatural, in particular.


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